Us Against You by Fredrik Backman

Fredrik Backman has written another great book called Us Against You, a sequel to Beartown. Beartown was one of my favorite books last year and didn’t need a sequel, so the bar for this book was set high in my mind.

In this story, a slick politician comes and stirs up trouble between Beartown and the neighboring rival town of Hed. There is also a major controversy involving Benji that threatens to tear apart the town. Teamwork, hard work, community, loyalty and character are Beartown themes repeated in Us Against You. There is less hockey action and more story involving the characters. My favorite new character is Elisabeth Zackell, the new Beartown hockey coach. Of course Amat, Sune and Ramona are still some of my favorites in this story as well.

The strength of the book is the relationships between the people and the beautiful writing. Backman really gets in your heart and in your head. I highly recommend reading Beartown before reading Us Against You.

~ Colleen