Travel Team by Mike Lupica

Travel Team is about a short kid that really likes basketball. His name is Danny Walker. He thinks he can’t make the team and he tells his mom and dad he wants to do try outs. Then once he goes to tryouts he then thinks he shouldn’t. When he gets home he tells his mom that he doesn’t like basketball, but the thing is he just doesn’t think he can make the team because he’s not tall! Then he starts practicing and practicing for like 3 hours per day. Then he tried out for the team and didn’t make it so Danny’s dad made him a team and it had five players! Max and Danny, the O’Brien twins and Ty. They are all good players. The first game they played they won 14-12. Ty is their best player. Max is the tallest. Danny the shortest and O’Brien twins are pretty good. You can buy Travel Team for $7.99. Mike Lupica is my favorite author because he writes football, baseball and basketball books. To learn more about Mike Lupica go to

~ Manny