Time After Time by Lisa Grunwald

Time After Time by Lisa Grunwald is a charming time travel love story that takes place in Grand Central Station during the 1920s thru the 1940s. Joe Reynolds, age 32, is a “leverman” at Grand Central Station in charge of keeping the trains on one of forty-eight tracks. He meets Nora Lansing, age 22, a passenger at the terminal, wearing no coat and with no luggage. They discover that Nora was killed in a train crash at the station in 1925. She is trapped in the “in-between”. She can only return during the day of the crash or Manhattanhedge.

At first Nora’s disappearance and reappearance is a major conflict in the story, but later the conflict becomes the age difference between Joe and Nora. Joe continues to age but Nora doesn’t. I loved how the story resolved. I also really enjoyed the descriptions of Grand Central Station during this era.