The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn

Billed as the first must-read thriller for 2018, The Woman in the Window does not disappoint. This debut novel by A.J. Finn is cleverly written. I was caught in its grip from page one. If you love Hitchcock, you will want to read this book.

Anna Fox lives alone in her upscale home in New York City, a prisoner to agoraphobia brought on by an event that is slowly revealed to you as the story unfolds. Anna is bored. She drinks way too much wine to medicate herself while spying on the neighbors and watching old Hollywood classics. A former child psychologist, Anna also counsels other victims of agoraphobia online. Fueled by countless prescription medications and endless bottles of Merlot, she spends hours watching the Russell’s, the new family across the way. Things take a dark turn when Anna witnesses a violent crime in the Russell’s living room from her window.

But did Anna really see what she thinks she saw? Channeling his inner Hitchcock, A.J. Finn throws not one, but two crazy twists in that you will not see coming. They aren’t lazy twists either. You really will gasp out loud. Finn is an extremely talented, flawless writer. I sure hope he is busy working on his next twisted ride.

~ Leslie M.