The Wind Knot by John Galligan

The Wind Knot is the fourth entry in a series of mysteries featuring 2 of my least favorite things- fly tying and fish. Despite that rocky beginning, I really enjoyed reading a book that is not only set in the Upper Peninsula and based on Hemingway’s The Nick Adams Stories, but also features a librarian as a main character.

The U.P. itself is one of the primary characters in this story that finds Ned ‘Dog’ Oglivie using fishing as a way to grieve the death of his young son. While looking for the source of the Big Two-Hearted River, Dog finds the body of a local celebrity in his RV. He’s determined to escape the U.P. minus the body and with no oneĀ  the wiser. Alas, he’s caught by a local librarian who’s out and about with the book mobile. It takes a lot of Yoopers and some familiarity with fly tying to solve this crime.

I enjoyed reading this book featuring our local area. However, I understand from someone who has followed this series that the first three novels are even better. With that in mind, I’m off to read Nail Knot. I may even become a fly fishing fan.

~ Leslie W.