The Nix by Nathan Hill

First time author, Nathan Hill could not have chosen a better year to have his debut novel published- an election year. At heart, The Nix is the story of the relationship between a mother, Faye and her college professor son, Samuel. The book begins when Samuel learns his mother, whom he hasn’t seen in twenty years, has publicly assaulted a political candidate in full view of the media. Some of the characters and their behavior seem like they could have come right from our nightly news today. The author takes the reader back to Samuel’s childhood to help us understand the history between mother and son.

This is one of those books that asks the questions: how much can we really know someone? How far are we willing to go for them? And how much do we want to know about ourselves? Although occasionally slow, The Nix is very well written and a truly enjoyable read.

~ Leslie W.