The Glitch by Elisabeth Cohen

I just finished reading The Glitch by Elisabeth Cohen, and I’m still laughing. Shelley Stone is the CEO of a company called, “Conch” that makes wearable high-tech devices that fit behind the user’s earlobe. The devices are referred to as a “conch”. She is also a wife and mother and an extreme workaholic. She wastes not a single moment of her day, trying to do it all. She wakes up at 3:00 a.m. to make conference calls in other time zones; uses extra absorbent towels to dry herself in a quarter of the time. Of course, Shelley sees little of her children and has lots of hired help.There are some incidents that occur that make Shelley do a little soul searching and re-examine her life.

The first part of The Glitch is a satire on working women and corporate America. I laughed so hard I cried at parts of this book, especially her interview with “C-Suite”. The second half is more of a commentary on high-tech industry, dual career marriages and motherhood. I really liked the ending. This was  a zany, off-beat summer read.

~ Colleen