The Blinds by Adam Sternbergh

I enjoyed this book simply because it’s so different. A secret town in a remote part of Texas where not only are some of this country’s most notorious criminals living, but the witnesses against them as well. The government has developed a program to alter their memories. The citizens of the Blinds have no way of knowing if they are the good or the very, very bad in their previous lives. They just know that leaving the walls of The Blinds is a death sentence.

For eight years, the 38 citizens of the Blinds have kept the peace with Sheriff Calvin Cooper in charge. However, things take an ugly turn when both a suicide and a murder happen very close together. Outsiders are coming to town and making the residents nervous. The truth of of their identities and what happened in the past will bring trouble for more than just the people of The Blinds.

~ Leslie W.