Texas Ranger by John Boessenecker

This is the story of Frank Hamer, who was one of the greatest lawmen in American history. Frank started his career as a Texas Ranger in the Old West. He rode from town to town bringing in, or shooting down the bad guys even though he was still just a teenager.

He participated in the Bandit War in 1915, surviving one of the last blood feuds of the Old West, and battled the Mexican Revolution’s spillover into Texas. He was famous for protecting black and white men alike from lynch mobs, which were practically the norm at the time. He believed in the law, morality and Texas justice. In his lifetime, Hamer battled bootleggers, gangsters, communists and Lyndon B. Johnson.

His most famous accomplishment, however, was capturing and killing Bonnie and Clyde. The pair had been hunted by lawmen for years when Hamer was tapped for the job. By the time Frank was on the case, the pair had killed nine law officers in cold blood, wounded scores of other law enforcement officers and civilians, and committed countless other crimes. Yet, this famous Texas Ranger got his man (and yes, his woman) in a matter of months.

I can’t say enough about how I enjoyed this story. A true tale about a real American hero, who made mistakes and had his faults, but spent a lifetime fighting for justice.

~ Leslie W.