September Book Recommendations

Hello Stranger by Katherine Center

This is the story of a portrait artist who places as a finalist in a prestigious art competition. Sadie suffers a brain injury requiring brain surgery. As a result of her injury she suffers from face blindness (whenever she looks at someone, their face is scrambled like a puzzle). As she is trying to adjust to her injury and navigate her new life, Sadie also becomes friends with two gentlemen, her dog's vet and her neighbor. She is learning that there are other ways of seeing things in your life. This book is available at the library and on Libby. ~ Erin

The Lost Library by Rebecca Stead

A middle grade book about a librarian, ghosts and a town mystery with a strange but all-knowing cat with many names. A great book for the whole family to read. This book is available at the library. ~ Ashley

The Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros

Yarros has created a country called Navarre where the elite are the dragon riders. Violet Sorrengail is a small, fragile young woman who knows death is only a heartbeat away. Dragons don't bond to fragile humans. Violet struggles to survive at the Basgiath War College. Her daily mantra is, "I will not die today." Because once you enter BWG there are only two ways out: graduate or die. This book is available at the library. ~ Bonnie

Mouth to Mouth by Antoine Wilson

Over drinks in the First Class lounge after their flight is delayed, Jeff tells our narrator the story of saving the life of art dealer Francis Arsenault and the results of his decision. This is a well-written confessional thriller with an ending that packs a punch. This book is available on Libby and through inter-library loan.

~ Leslie M.

Holly by Stephen King

Detective Holly Gibney from the Billy Hodges trilogy is back. This time the master of supernatural horror is doing something different. A straight up thriller about run-of-the-mill octogenarian serial killing cannibals. It's fantastic. If you liked Holly as a side character, you'll really enjoy her star turn. This book is available at the library. ~ Leslie W.


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