Seinfeldia by Jennifer Keishin Armstrong

This book is the “nothing” story of how one television show changed our cultural landscape. Seinfeld, one of my all-time favorite shows, is still one of the most oft quoted programs in history. Armstrong tells the story of the comedians who started the series and of the show itself.

All Seinfeld fans will enjoy learning the origins of some of their favorite characters and story lines. Where did such characters like Crazy Joe Davola, the Soup Nazi or John Peterman come from? Did a real family celebrate Festivus? Did someone actually quit their job, just to go back the next day and pretend it never happened? I enjoyed watching all of the episodes for a second time when I watched them with my teenagers. Reading about them was more fun yet.

Interesting too was learning the little known story of how Jerry Seinfeld made this show his way, prepared to walk away at any time. Thankfully, NBC allowed Jerry and Larry David to do something radically different, and their gamble paid off. But, as most fans know, Seinfeld did what most never do. He left at the top of his game.

~ Leslie W.