November Staff Recommednations

Distant Sons by Tim Johnston

This is an immersive literary thriller. The lyrical writing will draw you in, and the characters will make you stay. The story centers around Sean & Dan, who meet in a small town, not their own. They find themselves forging a friendship in the midst of a 40-year-old mystery involving the disappearance of three young boys. This book is available at the library. ~ Leslie M.

The Red Garden by Alice Hoffman

A young woman sets out to make her life better by leaving England and marrying in the United States to a conman on the run from his failed schemes. Upon arrival they find themselves (and the other families they "talked" into coming) nearly froze and dying of starvation, until this woman takes matters into her own hands. Set in the 1700s this novel follows the families and their lineage into the 20th century. A quick and quirky read with some mysticism thrown in. This book is available through inter-library loan and Libby.

~ Ashley

The Happiness Plan by Susan Mallery

Three women are searching for happiness within their thoughts of feeling joy, sadness, friendship and companionship. Heather has her life together and in order until she meets an intriguing stranger. Daphne and her husband had a close, intimate and wonderful relationship until they start to disagree about starting a family. Tori has a crush on Daphne's brother-in-law but she has always hidden her true feelings until an unexpected accident forces Tori to move in with him. This book is available at the library. ~ Erin

Dirty Thirty by Janet Evanovich

I have long loved this series, especially the first twenty or so. While they have seemed to be getting a little tired, number 30 sparks the fun again by taking Mama out of the house and having her join Lula, Grandma and Stephanie on their bounty hunting adventures. While I believe most Stephanie Plum fans are tired of the Ranger or Morelli story line, Dirty Thirty may just put an end to that drama. I really enjoyed this one and anxiously await thirty-one. This book is available in print and audio at the library. ~ Leslie W.

Let Him In by William Friend

From the first page with the words from the twins, "daddy, there's a man in our room," to their new imaginary friend "Black Mamba", this book grabs you hook, line and sinker. You have to keep reading to find the answers...or maybe not. This book is available at the library. ~ Bonnie


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