Gwinn Seed Library

Fresh organic vegetables you can grow in Gwinn
Fresh organic vegetables you can grow in Gwinn


Are you a practicing seed collector? Please contact us now. We have some rare, heirloom and organic seeds in limited quantities for planting this season in hopes of seed collection for 2023. Saving seeds allows us to grow seed quantities for the seed library in 2023. If you are new to seed saving but want to participate, contact us! – thank you!

What is a seed library?

It is a diverse offering of food crop seeds, some you may find locally, others are more unique to rare, but all are great for growing in this region referred to as ‘short season ready’. A seed library is a ‘seed bank’ that provides quality seeds donated by active growers in the area and from notable seed companies in the U.S.

The idea of a seed library in Gwinn came from volunteering with the Queen City Seed Library in Marquette. They have over 200 people using the seed library. QCSL and Transition Marquette Country have hosted a number of events for participants. The seed library in Marquette is becoming self-sustaining as more people learn how to save seeds and give back to the seed library.

One of our goals for the Gwinn Seed Library is to teach participants (and any other person wanting to attend) how to harvest and store seeds from the food you grow. Ultimately, to be able to ‘check back in’ seeds to sustain the Gwinn Seed Library! Seed saving is an amazing way to learn more about growing.


Forsyth Township Public Library is an excellent location, a hub to a greater community that will benefit from daily access to seed types that are focused on short season growth in the U.P.

Questions? Information desired?

How do I participate?

Anyone can come into the Forsyth Township Public Library and search through the seed offerings. In 2023, we are asking people to only take 6 packets per month. Two reasons; (a) we really don’t know how many people will use the seed library and do not want to run out of seed inventory and, (b) it’s good to start repeat plantings of seeds to provide longer harvests staggered over months, providing multiple fresh pickings longer!

Workshop Offerings – all workshops are free and open to the public


2023 Workshops

March 18, 10:30 - 12 noon, Hoop House buildings of all kinds, Gwinn United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall What does it take to start your growing season early...outside! Hoop & cold frame houses. Samples showing what is possible will be on display as we walk through design, expectations & outcomes.

April 1, 10 – 12 noon, Seed Swap and Seed Workshop, Gwinn United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall A seed swap for those who saved seeds and want to swap with other seed savers & growers. You bring seeds, you swap seeds for the first 30 minutes. A workshop will follow sharing great planting tips, companion planting, etc.

April 15, 10:00 a.m. -?, Seed Packing Party!, Gwinn United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall VOLUNTEERS needed. Last year, 13 volunteers helped pack close to 3,000 seed packets to stock the library. Soup and Sandwich included.

April 17, 12 noon -  Gwinn Seed Library will be OPEN! Seeds stay better over winter by keeping them in a cool, dry place. The drawers will be loaded by the 17th with some new varieties and flower seeds! Some seeds will not return as we focus on U.P. hardy seeds.

May 6, 10:30 - 12 noon, Soil Workshop, Location to be Confirmed. Soil basics- how do I turn sand into soil? What are the necessary ingredients for a good soil? How do I maintain a good soil? What is compost? What are soil biologics (this is easier than you think!)? How much water do I need for a garden? Soil samples will be available to show you various blends.

June 3, 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., Plant Swap, Peter Nordeen Park, Gwinn Plant swaps are a great way to share all those extra plant starts you seeded. This is an event for those who have plants to swap for other plants. If you don't have plants, you can still participate after 12:00 noon. There are volunteer positions available if you don't have plants. Email with questions.

August 26, 10:30 a.m - 12 noon, Seed Saving Workshop, Gwinn United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall How do I save seeds? Specific examples of saving per seed type will be shared, showing techniques for different plants. Most seeds can be saved for up to five years if done correctly! We'll talk about viability and how you can achieve the best storage for seeds. Then, you can share saved seeds with the Gwinn Seed Library! That is one of our critical missions- to save seeds to sustain the Gwinn Seed Library.


The Gwinn Seed Library is supported by the Forsyth Township Public Library, Argonics, Larry's Family Foods, Gwinn Lions Club, Lions Serve Foundation, Gwinn United Methodist Church and gifts from the community. Seeds are provided by High Mowing and many others, including local seed savers! All seeds are short season, cooler climate varieties. We invest in organic, heirloom, non-GMO, non-hybrid as much as possible. The GSL is a FREE service to the community.

We are in need of volunteers to work directly with the seed library, manage use of the library and be a participant in our growth to and within the greater Gwinn community. No experience required! to let us know! Email is checked every day so expect a response within 2 days. Would love to hear from you!


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