Death by Toilet Paper by Donna Gephart

This is my book that I’m reviewing because it is funny and its right up my alley. The book’s about Benjamin Epstein begging her mom to buy Royal-T bathroom tissue. It is taking a whole lot of space not like the outer space. The space in an apartment clogging the toilet. It is so addicting because it is so soft. But then they enter a contest to win $10,000.00. But have a chance to have Royal-T bathroom tissue year round supply of it. They won the contest but the year supply was so huge it had to go in the garage. It was like a maze even some in the toilet. Other people said stop clogging the toilets. They said we can’t stop. One day his dad got sick because of the Royal-T paper. He made a promise that he will get rid of the paper so Benjamin did. But some were stored in the garage and he did not know. But his dad got better then got sick again. Benjamin didn’t know what was going on. Will he get the grand prize? Will he get his stuff back in the apartment? Will he get back in his apartment?

~ Parker K.