Dead Man Running by Steve Hamilton

Fans of Steve Hamilton’s Alex McKnight series have waited five long years for the eleventh installment in his popular series set in Paradise, Michigan. I, for one, thought Dead Man Running was worth the wait. It’s an absolute thrill ride that moves so fast you feel like you can’t keep up.

Alex encounters a truly evil serial killer that takes him from the frozen shores of Lake Superior all the way to Phoenix, Arizona and back again. Martin T. Livermore has finally been captured after being caught on tape inside a vacationing couple’s home with the body of his sixth victim. When Martin is arrested, he reveals the shocking news that victim number 7 is out there and he’ll help the FBI find her under one condition. That condition is Alex McKnight.

McKnight has no idea who Livermore is when two FBI agents show up in Paradise to bring him to Phoenix. He has no idea the nightmare that is to become his life as he chases a sadist through the desert and across the country, racing against the clock not just to capture a killer, but to find out why he’s been chosen to do so. What Alex discovers shocks him to the core and turns his world upside down.

~ Leslie M.