Auggie & Me by R. L. Palacio

The book I’m sharing is called Auggie & Me. It is by R. J. Palacio. This is the second book by her. Before I tell you about it you should read Wonder, the first book. You will get a better understanding. The original book (or Wonder) is about an average boy named August who has a deformed face who has to face a new school, bullying, and living with his extraordinary face. There are many characters in the book Wonder but you don’t really get their first person thoughts and opinions. That’s when Auggie & Me comes in. Auggie & Me gives out the characters thoughts and opinions.

For example one of the “amazing” characters Julian takes place as the bully. In Auggie & Me the characters have their own chapters or parts. The first one is about Julian. It is called “The Julian Chapter”. It shows Julian’s thoughts and opinions about Auggie (August’s nickname). It shows what he thinks and says out of the book. I’m sure many people are wondering what happens to Julian out of school and things that aren’t in Wonder.

The next chapter is about Auggie’s babyhood friend named Christopher. In the book Wonder all we really know is his name, and his friendship with Auggie. Now you can see what happens when Chris moves out of town. Again when me and my class read Wonder we really didn’t get to see Christopher or his life story. His chapter is called “Pluto”.

In the last chapter it takes place in Charlotte’s world with her opinions, thoughts and life. Now you can have a peak in her life. It talks about when she was chosen as Auggie’s welcome buddy. Since Charlotte is one of the girls at Beecher Prep you get a sneak peek of how the girls react to Auggie’s deformity. Also since Charlotte is kind of one of Summer’s friends you get how Summer reacted to when Auggie came to Beecher Prep. Her chapter is called “Shingoing”

Wonder is one of the best books I’ve ever read. I’ve cried, I’ve gotten angry (especially at Julian), and I just LOVED it. On December 1st we went to Thomas Theaters with my class for a field trip and saw the movie of Wonder. I planned to get every single Wonder related book they have made to this world. I TOTALLY recommend this book (including Auggie & Me). I hope one day you may find it at the library or see it at the store. You should TOTALLY buy it, or check it out. It sure is a “Wonder”.

~ Autumn V.